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Today I stumbled upon a post about a DIY epoxy project.

Bridget looks quite happy while coating her garage with Epoxy resin just by herself. (above picture)

woman dropped fail failure
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So why should we consider hiring contractors to do the job for us?

The fact is that it requires a little bit of hard work and the self-realization that it really isn’t as simple as some companies make it sound.

A quality floor coating requires certain steps be taken to insure a long lasting floor.

Chances are you end up having an epic fail as Heather had:

Many of the DIY projects may go wrong because the installer is not aware of the issues with epoxy flooring.

Bridget has made this point bold: “Follow the instructions carefully

Heather didn’t, and she had that gigantic white spot in the middle of her dining room.

But there are cases that people do follow the instructions and still they get terrible results.

I have shown four possible instances a DIY epoxy floor may peels, even if the instructions are followed completely.

Feel free to read the why DIY Epoxy Flooring may fail here.

Thanks for your time and have a good one.

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