Winter electrical fire safety reminder for businesses

By Garry Kwok, National Technical Services Manager at Wormald


With the noticeable drop in temperature there’s no denying that winter has arrived.  As the cold weather sets in, portable electric heaters will start to re-appear in workplaces throughout the country, under desks, in office kitchens, in workshops and dotted around larger facilities.  While everyone wants to stay cosy and warm, it’s important to remember the fire risks that arise with the use of this extra electrical equipment.

If you’re using portable heaters, ensure that they have been properly serviced and are in good working order.  They should also be closely monitored when in use and not placed under desks or in enclosed spaces.  The heat from these units can easily cause paper or other combustible material to catch fire or melt the insulation around electrical appliances.

Electrical fire hazards exist in virtually every workplace.  Almost all electrical equipment is potentially hazardous and can cause serious injury or damage if not properly used or maintained.  The business fire safety research report carried out by Wormald last year found that electrical hazards are the most common cause of workplace fires. Continue reading