Vehicle operators must be prepared to keep passengers fire safe

By John Lynch, general manager of Wormald’s Business Support Services

School children, everyday commuters and sight-seeing tourists – everybody using public transport has the expectation of safe travel, and passengers rely on transport companies and authorities to have appropriate safety provisions in place.

Following recent media reports of a bus fire on Oxford Street in Sydney and a tourist bus fire on Queensland’s Fraser Island, vehicle fire protection is once again a popular topic of conversation.

For vehicle managers, fire safety can pose unique and specific challenges. Many buses and large vehicles have fuel sources and other combustible components that can be in relatively close proximity to the vehicle’s ignition and heat sources, all of which surround the vehicle’s driver and passengers. Vehicle fires can occur for many reasons. For example, according to reports the NSW Office of Transport Safety Investigations believes the Oxford Street bus fire was the result of a cracked pipe which was leaking fuel. Continue reading