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Industrial protective coating that last

There are thousands of homeowners in Sydney who’re struggling with the process of choosing the right protective coating floor cleaner. So, our editorial team at Flooring decided to create a manual on how to cherry-pick the best cleaner for industrial and other similar coatings.

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In case you’re a fresh coating owner, we recommend you to read our introduction on what is Epoxy concrete sealer.

Avoid Soap-Based Floor Cleaning Products
First things first, an Epoxy floor is not able to get along with soap-based products. These substances may help you get rid of the contaminators and oil spills. But in the long-term, the outcome of utilizing them will be having a hazy and filmy base.

So, if you want to choose the right floor cleaner for an Epoxy coating, avoid soapy stuff. However, there are some soft detergents you could mix with lukewarm water and smear on the ground as a disinfectant.

Vinegar Is NOT a Good Epoxy Floor Cleaner
This substance has led to some major damages to the Epoxy-covered surfaces in Sydney. That’s because many homeowners think of vinegar as a proper floor cleanser for any sort of hard coat.

However, they are just wrong and utilizing such an acidic substance would only peel off the resin. You must learn how to clean an without utilizing any acidic products. We’ve provided a manual on how to clean the painted floors to help you with that.

Strong Floor Cleaners Are an Industrial Option
Products such as Simple Green and CLR are proper choices for commercial flooring or other industrial environments. So, do not try to utilize them unless the contaminators seem too strong to deal with.

Using industrial floor cleansers in residential places will lead to coat-related damages and eventually cause extra expense. We, therefore, recommend homeowners in Sydney to use Windex and/or similar products for residential areas.

Soft products such as Windex are not able to rid you off all sorts of strong spills and stains. But with the right formula and appropriate tools, you can remove any contaminator easily. So, read our guide on how to clean oil spills on Epoxy garage floor and create your own strategy for other comparable surfaces.

What Is the Best Option?
Combining the floor cleansers with another strong method such as pressure washing and/or scrubbing the ground with a buffer is the best option. Recently, we created a manual on how to use and care for a floor cleaning machine that would come in handy for sure. We tried to explain how one could buy/hire a buffer for a fair price and clean any base utilizing it by the book.

Such a machine will lightly sand the base and leave you with a shiny ground coat as well. Plus, you can employ it for other heavy tasks such as grinding if necessary.

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