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DIY methods of Cleaning an Epoxy Garage Floor

You may find it a tricky task. But at Flooring, we think that the right technique would make the cleaning of an Epoxy garage floor process a cakewalk. So, here we are to offer some insight into the best housework methods when it comes down to residential or industrial parking lot bases in Sydney.

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Equipment You Need to Clean an Epoxy Garage Floor:

  • Dust Mop
  • Soft Brush
  • Commercial Mop Bucket (in case you have an industrial parking lot)
  • Gloves
  • Accessible Hand-Hot Water
  • Simple Green (cleaner)
  • CLR
  • Create Your Own Garage Epoxy Cleaner
  • You can be creative and create a sterilizer for a parking lot base.

Here are two trouble-free methods to do so.

CLR Method
Fill a bucket with a certain amount of warm water—based on the area you should clean.
Add the same amount of CLR cleaner to the water and use it as the main sterilizer from now on.
Ammonium Hydroxide Method
Fill a 1- or 5-liter gallon with warm water.
Add 100 millilitre of Ammonium hydroxide per one litre of water. Use the outcome as your primary cleanser for parking lot ground (It’s the best cleaner for an Epoxy garage floor).
● What Products to Avoid?
Some people believe that vinegar can be a proper cleaner on an Epoxy-covered surface. But you should know that it’s NOT true. Indeed, it’s a solution to take away the Epoxy glue from skin or materials such as wood. So, do not use it as a stain remover.

“Vinegar can cause irreparable damages to the parking lot base and lead to extra reinstallation expenses. That’s why must try to keep it away from your base.”

Another harmful product that you better avoid is any disinfectant or detergent that can be considered a citrus substance. These products are able to peel the shield away and leave you with a porous surface.

Best Way to Clean an Epoxy Garage Floor
● Dusting the Parking Lot Ground
Dusting is a very efficient way of maintaining any shell, and the parking lot ground is no exception to that. So, use a mob to get rid of the cluttered dust every other week—or sooner if necessary.

In case you have an industrial parking lot that benefits from the Epoxy coating, schedule a regular heavy dusting process. Otherwise, the cluttered flotsam and jetsam may leave you with a real disaster.

● Removing Small Stains from the Garage Base
Prevention is always better than cure, right? You must, therefore, eliminate those not-a-big-deal spots/spills before they turn into horrible surface material-related issues. We recommend you schedule a weekly inspection program to check if there are any negligible-looking problems threatening the future of parking lot ground.

Our team has provided a guide on how to clean oil spills on an Epoxy garage floor that might come in handy when dealing with such minor issues.

Let Us Lend a Professional Helping Hand
Our consultants are ready to talk to you through the cleaning and maintenance housework 24/7. So, do not hesitate to contact us at once. We’ll let you know what’s good for your ground shield and what’s not!

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