There’s nothing passive about passive fire protection

By Mick Davis, western region account and sales manager, Wormald

AS1851-2005 ‘Maintenance of Fire Safety Systems and Equipment’ determines that all buildings should have their passive fire penetrations and compartmentation provisions maintained and inspected and that a penetration schedule is established to assist and record this maintenance.  This area of fire maintenance is a specialist field that Wormald is well equipped to provide.

Passive fire protection management is a part of building maintenance which is all too frequently overlooked; often due to a lack of accurate information about what might be required.  There seems to be a recent trend, amongst building owners, facilities managers and the like, towards finding out more about passive fire protection management, perhaps driven by the terrible fire in November last year at a Quakers Hill Nursing Home.

In my experience building owner/managers are confused and disillusioned about their passive fire protection requirements so I will discuss what passive fire compartmentation is, how you can get on the right path and who can help you get there. Continue reading