Wormald reaffirms its commitment to sustainable fire suppression


In light of the recent announcement that the Queensland Government has restricted the use of firefighting foams containing PFOA, Wormald has re-affirmed its commitment to providing fire suppression solutions that limit impacts on the environment.

The use of firefighting foams remains an important element of effectively suppressing a fire quickly to help reduce substantial and lasting damage to the environment, people and property. However, Wormald recognises that the use of firefighting foams has impacts on the environment if not properly controlled and that there needs to be a balance between dealing with a fire event effectively using firefighting foams and what impacts to the environment the use of firefighting foams will create. Continue reading

What’s the story with environmentally friendly fire suppression solutions?

By Garry Kwok, National Technical Services Manager at Wormald

InergenWhile there are many things to consider when selecting a fire protection system, environmental considerations have historically taken a back seat.

However, with the growing focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ozone depleting substances, we are seeing a growing interest in environmentally friendly fire suppression solutions.

The Australian Government introduced legislation with the objective of reducing the amount of ozone depleting substances (ODS) and synthetic greenhouse gases (SGG) emitted into the atmosphere. Under the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Regulations 1995 it is an offence to handle ozone depleting substances and synthetic greenhouse gas fire extinguishing agents without an appropriate license.  The regulations also deem it an offence to trade in these agents or to have the environmentally damaging agent, Halon, without the appropriate permits and approvals. Continue reading