Don’t overlook fire safety when planning a build

By Garry Kwok, national manager, Technical Services Group, Wormald Australia

Planning a new building is a complex task regardless of how big or small the project.  Architects, building planners and designers are tasked with creating safe working and living environments for the future tenants of that building.

Fire protection should be an important consideration at the planning stage of any building.  However, in our experience, we find that we’re often contacted about a building’s fire protection requirements after the initial design and plans are finalised.  I could compare this to being asked to paint a house once all the furniture is in place – it can make it difficult to achieve the optimum result at the most efficient cost.

Many people simply don’t realise the importance and value of involving the fire safety expert early in the design planning stage.  If a fire engineer or fire protection specialist has input in project planning they can help ensure all necessary considerations are factored and the most suitable fire protection solution is recommended.  This consultation stage will help identify what is required, not only to suit the needs of the client, but also to meet all relevant building codes and regulations. Continue reading