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4-Steps Manual for Cleaning a Painted Garage Floor

Are you a Sydneysider looking for an easy-to-follow manual for cleaning a painted garage floor of yours? Well, you’re on the right page. The Garage is here to lend a hand with that. In this article, we have some instructions that would let you clean the garage floor in 4 simple steps.

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Since the parking lot base goes through intense situations like factory flooring or commercial kitchen flooring, we tried to cover everything precisely. So, don’t worry if it’s going to be your first-time housework. Let’s start with the equipment you need and then head out on the hands-on steps.

Equipment You Need for Cleaning a Painted Garage Floor
The method we want to teach you for Cleaning a Painted Garage Floor is quite cost-effective. So, you’ll not have to get lots of different tools or products to complete it. In fact, you may finish the task off using only what you’re already storing.

Broom: a random long-handled brush will come in handy throughout the dusting and scrubbing procedures. Therefore, try to get one prior to starting the job. However, keep in mind that it’s not necessary to spend lots of money on this tool. (Basically, any broom would do).
Push broom: Squeegees are long-handled brushes with a spongy head. Of course, not all push brooms have that extra sponge on their heads. But you might want to find one that has. This would allow you to squeegee the water out after the housework is done.
Pressure washer: you’re not supposed to buy this device. It’s expensive, and you’ll not be able to use it everywhere. But you could rent one for a couple of hours (or one day) to wash your garage floor If you already have a similar device like a buffer, here’s a manual on how to use and care for a floor cleaner machine.
Cleansers (garage floor cleaning products): well, choosing the right cleaner is vital. If you utilize the wrong product or mixture, your parking lot base may face major issues in the future. So, be precise and get to know your coating’s specific needs before getting a cleanser. In case you’re confused about the options on the market, here’s an article on the best cleaner for an Epoxy garage floor.
Deck brush: having a random long-handled brush to scrub oil spills and stains are necessary. However, since this tool is going to be your primary weapon against the oil spills, it’s better not to get an expensive one. The intensity of the scrubbing task will make it break eventually. So, buy a low-priced one and don’t waste your money on fancy tools.
Step 1: Pre-Work and Preparations
There’s some pre-work that you must take care of before starting the actual housework. In fact, you should create your own working space by removing the extra stuff in the parking lot. We all know that garages get stuffed up most of the time—and this might hold you back when it comes to cleaning.

However, you must roll up the sleeves and empty the space, creating enough zone for tools and people. Start this phase off by moving rugs, cardboard boxes, and basically anything that would not resist water. If there are larger pieces of furniture or things that you’re not planning to move, use plastic covers and shield them.

Now, grab the broom and dust the place thoroughly. At this stage, you should remove all the contaminators such as leaves, pieces of plastics, papers, etc. We recommend starting from the corners and working your way up to the central areas—this would save you some time.

In case the former coat seems to be peeling, use our guide on how to repaint the garage floor and repair it before the next step. Otherwise, the base will lose its functionality after the pressure washing.

Finally, if everything seems to be okay, set up the pressure washer and wet down the area. Don’t use its pressure-washing option yet—you just want to loosen the dirt.

Step 2: Getting Rid of the Oil Spills
It’s time to get down to real business. Grab the cleanser you’ve cherry-picked and then, apply it to the oil and stain spills. Let the mixture soak in for a couple of minutes depending on the product. (usually, 2-3 minutes would be enough).

Now, grab the deck broom and start scrubbing the spillages precisely. Bear in mind that you don’t have to brush the whole space—so, save some energy for the next levels. It would be a rational move to utilize this method only on the dirty spots.

If the stains and marks on your parking lot ground seem hard-to-remove, read our guide on how to clean oil spill on Epoxy garage floor Add cleaner to the floor.

Note: never use a soap-included mixture or vinegar solution to wash such a surface. These substances will leave a film on the base and peel off the old paint. In case you need more info on this part, read our manual on how to clean the painted floors.

Step 3: Pressure Washing the Epoxy Floor
Here comes the real pressure. At this stage, you should run the device and pressure wash all the dirt on the ground. But our experts want to offer a piece of advice before that. Since the parking lot is not an open space and the walls may get injured by the high-pressure water, you should be careful. You must be asking how? Well, attaching a surface cleaner to your pressure washer machine would protect the walls effortlessly.

A surface cleaner is an accessory that would pack the water not allowing it to damage other areas. Plus, it increases the functionality of the device and eventually you. In fact, cleaning an area using this accessory would halve the time and energy! It only costs $107 (AU). But you’d be able to use it on the swimming pool flooring and/or office flooring as well. So, it’s a one-stone-two-birds type of device.

Step 4: Rinsing the Area
For the final stage, you should remove all the soapy water and loosen contaminators from the base. So, start off the task by using the push broom to squeegee out the leftovers. This includes the dirty water and anything that is left over from the previous processes.

Finally, rinse the space with a random hose and make sure no unwanted stuff is on the ground. You can now leave the place to dry and see the results. However, we suggest you add an extra stage of brushing to reach the 100% cleaned-up level. Of course, this last stage is completely elective and you could skip it to go to bed early!

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