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5 ways to Clean Oil Spill on Epoxy Floors

An oil leak is a common phenomenon in any parking lot. However, they don’t look pleasing and lots of homeowners in Sydney want to know how to clean oil spill on Epoxy garage floor before it’s too late. And that’s why we, at Epoxy Flooring, decided to provide a manual showing how to clean a floor.

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Tools and Chemicals You Need to Clean Oil Spills on Garage Floor
Scrubbing is a major part of cleaning an Epoxy garage floor. So, nylon brushes are a must-have. However, if you want to have an arsenal to fight all sorts of stains, get this stuff as soon as possible:

Soft broom
Nylon brush
Hard foam mop (in case there will be heavy cleanup processes)
Soft Scrub
Simple Green
CLR cleaner
Any Lactic Acid-based solutions
Concrete degreaser
What Floor Cleaner Can Remove Tire Mark on an Epoxy Garage Floor?
Do you know how to clean the painted floors? Well, cleaning tire marks on an Epoxy ground is somewhat like that. First, you need to cover the area with concrete degreaser—a heavy-duty chemical cleanser—and then you should scrub it after 10 minutes.

This would help you get rid of the oil spill in no time. But don’t forget to resin the area with water afterwards and dry it immediately. Otherwise, the ground may become slippery and lead to hazardous situations.

In case you don’t like strong chemicals, apply some tide to the oily spot and then use some warm water to scrub it. This is a cheap method but you’ll need more power when it comes to old marks. So, if you want to keep things on a budget, try to clean the tire marks in the drop of a hat. If not, they’ll become stronger and refuse to leave!

Ammonia VS. Simple Green, Which One Suits an Epoxy Garage Floor?
In short, both substances are proper choices to remove unwanted oil or paint spots on an Epoxy garage floor. But since Simple Green products are risk-free and non-toxic, we recommend you to avoid using Ammoniac as much as possible.

Just apply a portion of Simple Green All-Purpose to the stained section and scrub it firmly using a long-handled nylon brush. Then, wash off the dirt and debris using warm water and dry the area as soon as possible.

Note: using Ammonia is not different and you follow the same instructions explained above.

When to Use a Lactic Acid-Based Cleaner on an Epoxy Garage Floor?
These products are best to use against rust stains and salt road film. All you need to do is applying 1 part of such a substance to 1 litre of warm water and scrub the dirty area using the created substance.

It would keep your garage base clean for a while and protect it against rust stains and salt road films. But bear in mind that you better wash the area with cold water after finishing the scrubbing off.

Contact Us for More Info
Our team is ready 24/7 to answer your questions and lend a helping hand with all sorts of Epoxy-related problems. So, feel free to contact us right away in case you’re experiencing some concerns over your garage ground.

epoxy flooring blog posts

Warehouse Flooring Options for Sydney Centers

Distribution and fulfilment centres used for warehousing merchandise are the hottest commercial real estate in the country. Over the past five years, we have seen an explosion of large square footage buildings in the New York and New Jersey markets. This is directly correlated with our evolving consumer market and demand of next day shipping options seen in Amazon, Wayfair and other large online retailers.

Knowing this, the commercial real estate market has put a premium on the cost of new warehouse space, and the overall condition of the corresponding epoxy flooring Sydney. The high-demand has also created an opportunity to repurposed and revitalize older buildings for the same use. We have seen factories, manufacturing plants, even retail stores knock walls down and refurbish the existing space to accommodate for rack systems and daily forklift traffic.
The warehouse and distribution market is synonymous with speed and consistency of deliveries. This includes limiting the loss of product, minimizing downed equipment, employee safety and easy to identify floor plans.

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So what, or more aptly said how do investors and new facility owners prepare themselves for transforming one of these older buildings and how can an epoxy flooring contractor help meet the above-outlined goals?
From repairing floors where walls are demolished to filling years of damage, there are products designed to meet your flooring repair. Having experience in the warehouse flooring industry, epoxy flooring contractors know their clients’ goals and will specify an industrial-strength two coat seamless flooring system. The first coat typically consists of high-solid epoxy resin to both build a wear surface and fill imperfections from years of use. Epoxy flooring allows installers the ability to pour a floor over badly abused surfaces filling in the depressions left from previous abuses and impacts.

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After applying an epoxy coating system, an aliphatic urethane is typically installed to offer a scratch and abrasion resistant topcoat. Specifically, urethane’s are best for avoiding tire transfer from forklift traffic and staining while maintaining sheen. Material providers estimate that a urethane topcoat will offer an epoxy floor system up to four times the life of a standard epoxy.
Beyond the typical seamless floor system described above your epoxy flooring contractor may provide options for your specific need. This might include a chemical resistant epoxy for your battery charging stations, a fast cure system to get an aisle back into service overnight, or even a one-coat system to act as a dust proofer. Other add-ons can be included such as line striping to delineate pedestrian and forklift traffic or egress walkways. Custom textures are also available to include additional anti-slip or a totally smooth surface to accommodate a conveyor or automated system depending on your facilities needs.
Warehouse and distribution facilities keep up with hundreds of thousands of orders, picking and packing items and pallets on a daily basis and not losing time where your seamless flooring is concerned is paramount to any facility. Maintaining or refurbishing an existing warehouse floor will allow your staff and operation to stay on task while minimizing equipment and flooring repairs and maximize production and consistency of your process.

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At this project in Sydney, NSW, we were brought in for the specific purpose of creating a seamless and durable floor system capable of withstanding heavy forklift traffic. What made this project so unique was the fact that each of the previous tenants’ spaces existing floors was constructed of different building materials. One area was brick, the next a concrete slab and the last had a Belgium block border. With over thirty years of experience in the seamless flooring industry, High Performance used multiple products to restore the pre-existing surfaces prior to installing the warehouse epoxy floor system described above.
High-Performance Systems specializes in retrofitting existing spaces for our clients’ purpose. Beyond servicing the warehouse and distribution markets we offer production shut down services and have a vast catalogue of case studies for all markets where epoxy flooring is needed.

epoxy flooring blog posts

A Cleaning Manual for Epoxy Surfaces

Not knowing epoxy floor cleaning is equivalent to one step towards more troubles. So, let us help you out with this brief-but-beneficial manual.

Our team offers a beginner’s guide entitled: what is Epoxy? This would allow you the set the ball rolling in case you’re unfamiliar with the basics of this substance.

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1. Get to Know Your Epoxy Floor
The type of substance and the textile it covers determines the maintenance prerequisites. So, try to ask the installer company as many as questions to know the characteristics of the substance. Whether it’s a factory floor, school floor, or the flooring options for garage, etc. you have to be aware of the differences.

The function of the base is another factor for you to consider. In fact, you should plan the upholding processes based on what happens on the ground. If, for example, you’re having this material as a residential coating, the needed work would be less than an industrial upholding procedure.

2. Buy the Right Epoxy Floor Cleaning Tools
You’ll need these items to be prepared for the cleaning sessions constantly:

welcome mat (to remove the dirt before entering the place)
paper towels and/or other soft cloths
soft broom
dust mop
hard foam mop (in case there will be heavy cleanup processes)
deck sweeper
kitchen cleansing pad
Soft Scrub
3. Apply These Techniques to Get Your Epoxy Coating Cleaned
Use a soft duster to wipe the stains that look easy-to-remove.
Schedule a daily cleanup session and use a broom to get rid of the dust.
If the grime looks hard-to-remove, use heated water mixed with Azane. Apply the solution to the ground and then clean it up using a hard foam mop.
In case there’s a stain that refuses to go away, try using Soft Scrub.
In some cases, we recommend the owners to hose the ground. But that depends on the function of your base. So, contact us and let our shielding experts help you finding the right method.
Use pieces of cloth or wood to protect the surface against rough objects. For instance, place a piece of cloth under the motorcycle kickstand to secure the ground.
4. Schedule a Fixed Epoxy Floor Cleaning Basis
If you are looking for the ultimate answer to the question of how to clean an Epoxy floor, here’s a hint: no consistency, no results! In fact, you must have a fixed program—a scheduled daily or weekly plan—to maintain it by the book.

5. Avoid These When Cleaning the Epoxy Flooring
Over-mopping is a mistake that many homeowners make in Sydney. It makes the surface look dismal and displeasing in time. So, try to mop the ground when it’s absolutely vital.
Comet and some other abrasive substances will cause more harm than good when applied to such a coating. That’s why we suggest you steer clear of them.
Acid and soap-containing chemicals may easily destroy your base shield. Therefore, try to replace them with soft cleaners.
winter road pre-treatment combinations often make the base look repulsive. So, it’s best to keep them away. Otherwise, prepare yourself to have a fuzzy- and dim-looking ground.
Let the Ultimate Epoxy Flooring force Be with You
We support our customers even when the job is done. So, don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel a need to gain more ideas on how to clean an Epoxy floor in Sydney.

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In Search for Epoxy

Epoxy Floor Cleaning is always a challenging issue. However, water bills may become the heaviest part of the monthly expenses in Sydney. So, at the Epoxy Flooring technologies, we understand that some homeowners would appreciate a method for cleaning an Epoxy garage floor without water.

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That’s why we rolled up our sleeves and provided a manual on dry washing the parking lot base! Sounds impossible? Read on to see for yourself.

Is It Possible?

The big question is can you even do this? Is it possible to avoid using water while cleaning such a ground? Well, the good news is that you absolutely can put the wet stuff away during the cleanups. However, you better off without such an attempt. In fact, we recommend you to use some water for rinsing the surface at least every other week.

But assuming you’re determined to cut back on the budget omitting the wet procedures, here’s what to consider.

Avoiding surface rinsing may help you cut back on the expenses, but it will add to the overall housework. Indeed, you must increase the cleanup sessions after opting into such a procedure.
You have to buy several tools such as a mop, vacuum, brush, and/or a commercial buffer (in case your surface is more of a commercial flooring).
You must be careful about choosing garage floor cleaning products and sidestep utilizing any strong cleanser.
How Can I Dry Clean the Epoxy Floor?
Dry cleaning is a term that is mainly used for washing textiles and cloths with a water-avoiding method. However, we’ll utilize it to virtually refer to any sort of cleanup procedure for a parking lot that doesn’t employ water as the main cleaning liquid.

There are several ways to omit the water when washing a base. The following, therefore, is a list of several dry-cleaning techniques for your Epoxy garage floor.

We recently provided a manual on how to use and care for a floor cleaner machine that might come in handy when it comes to the buffers. However, the process of utilizing this machine is not really complicated. You just need to attach a sand pad to its pad driver, and then move it precisely all over the surface.

This would smoothen the area and rid you of any contaminators. However, you must add a second phase to this process and mop or vacuum the remains afterward.

As discussed above, this tool is vital one way or another. In other words, no matter you utilize it as a buffering assistant or stand-alone cleaning tool, it’s a must-have. You can mop the parking lot base as the initial phase and then vacuum the space to get the most of the cleanup session.

If the vacuum brush doesn’t contain a soft pad, don’t push it too hard as it may cause scratches. Check its brush before starting and attach a proper cover manually if it doesn’t have one.

It’s one of the oldest methods of cleaning a painted garage floor. So, we assume you already know the basics. However, bear in mind that mopping may not rid you of all sorts of contaminators. Therefore, you must increase the number of weekly sessions and make them longer as well.

Buy a long-handled mop and mark it as the main tool for your parking lot base cleaning. Utilizing a tool that has already been used in other procedures is not a good idea and may cause more harm than good.

Utilizing this tool is pretty much similar to the previous one. So, follow the instructions given above. In case there are some serious stains or marks that seem tough, use our manual on how to clean oil spill on Epoxy garage floor to remove them immediately.

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epoxy flooring solutions for gyms

Contrary to popular belief, merely adding new machines and equipment to your gym isn’t enough—at least, not anymore.

These days gym-members want more.


You need to maintain your commercial gym properly, leaving no stone unturned, especially when it comes to the flooring.

For the flooring of commercial gyms, you need to consider functionality and design. And it’s not too much to ask for both.

Let’s have a look at how installing epoxy flooring at the gym can work out (no pun intended!)

Read How epoxy flooring can help gyms here.

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Popular patterns of Epoxy flooring in Sydney, NSW

Sydney is one of the world’s fastest-growing modern cities and welcomes the world’s advanced industries and materials. Since Epoxy flooring is one of the most advanced flooring currently in the world, it has become popular among Sydney people. If you want to find out the secret of the popularity of epoxy flooring, follow us.

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What is epoxy flooring?
As we said epoxy flooring is very popular and it attracts more and more fans. What is the reason? The answer is very simple. People these days are looking for flooring that is more efficient than the old one. Flooring that can be durable and easily cleanable, while being beautiful and modern. The problem of flooring cleaning is probably the first one that challenges you. That’s why fans of epoxy flooring are increasing. Here’s an epoxy introduction: Epoxy flooring can withstand heavy loads and doesn’t get damaged. It is easily cleaned without water. It can be designed in beautiful designs and colors. Join us to tell you why Epoxy flooring has taken over the Sydney Market these days.

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What are the advantages of Epoxy flooring
Extremely safe:
Epoxy flooring is very safe against slips and less abrasive. It is also impact resistant and can withstand heat up to 200 degrees. This means that in the event of a fire that has a higher resistance than the other flooring. So if everything goes wrong you can trust epoxy flooring.

Easy to keep clean:
Cleaning floors is always a big problem for people. The new generation of flooring has almost eliminated this problem for you. If you know about cleaning epoxy flooring you will know that it is easy and effortless to clean. Epoxy flooring will surprise you. How? Pour the hardest stains on it and clean it with a damp cloth. Surprise! You will not see any stains anymore. Epoxy flooring is so popular in fast-cleaning that it is used in the garage because even car oils do not create a stain on the epoxy flooring and are easily cleaned. For more information, read the following article:

Epoxy floor cleaning without water

Polished, clean look:
The epoxy flooring is almost integrated and is very glossy. Use epoxy flooring for your garage and you will find that your garage looks like a car showroom. That’s why this flooring is getting more and more popular among Sydney people. These days, people like to use epoxy flooring in their rooms, kitchen, and bathroom or even in their own backyard. The modern appearance of this flooring is very beautiful and attracts every viewer.

Epoxy is available in a wide array of colors or color combinations. If you want to change the environment around you, Epoxy flooring can still be the best choices. You can create any color combination you like with Epoxy and you have no restrictions whatsoever. Yes. This is another reason for the growing popularity of this flooring.

High durability of epoxy flooring can be one of the options that have attracted many people’s attention, especially if you have hard and vulnerable spaces. If you are looking for a durable flooring that can support your heavy workload in difficult conditions. Epoxy flooring is a very good choice. You can actually drive it, park it, store heavy equipment on it, or put your equipment in and work on a large project without damaging it. It takes a pretty sharp or heavy projectile to damage this sturdy and long-lasting material.

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Epoxy in Interior
If you’ve ever thought about installing epoxy flooring, you might have thought it might be suitable for industrial, medical, or garage centers. But we want to change your image. From now on you can think of a home apartment, a bathroom or even a stylish living room. Epoxy flooring can make these interiors look amazing. But given that epoxy flooring not only dries, hard and seamless, waterproof and durable, but it is also available in a huge array of colors, why not?

Who chooses epoxy flooring for home interior?
There is a growing demand for epoxy flooring throughout Sydney today. If we do a bit of research on who chooses epoxy flooring for home interior decoration, the answer is simple, these are modern and stylish homeowners who want to change their interior. New and different are the two words that sometimes come with the interior epoxy flooring. If we are to explain in a single line why stylish and modern homeowners are turning to epoxy flooring, we have to say: its contemporary flooring that fills a niche – wearing lively and harder than painted wood, taking care of it easier than carpeting, and just cooler than tile.

Here are some ways homeowners are using interior epoxy flooring in their spaces:

Dark houses without proper natural light or basements. Installing white epoxy floors turns a formerly dark, dreary basement into a bright, fun space that’s as inviting as it is easy to maintain. Think playrooms, laundry rooms, and home gyms.
Another important reason is: epoxy flooring is available in different colors. And you can almost say that any customization option you can run with Epoxy. In fact, epoxy flooring does not impose any restrictions on the color scheme. Metallic are popular, as are patterns made by using multiple colors.
A formerly industrial space becomes a modern dream come true with bright epoxy flooring in the living room and dining areas.
Do you plan to use epoxy for kitchen flooring? The question is here? Why? Surely you want perfectly smooth flooring. Something that epoxy flooring provides you with. Other parts of the house also demand such splendor and radiance. Set aside hesitation. If you want new generation of modern flooring, change your living space. Choosing epoxy flooring can be one of the best options available.
How can Epoxy bring about a new evolution in the interior decoration of your home? Epoxy unites different areas of life and creates a smooth transition between them, while giving them the perfect look.
Color? We have already said that epoxy has no color restrictions. For this reason, it beats all its competitors’ flooring. In terms of color, nothing uses internal epoxy, which can be off or saturated as desired. Bright red eyes? This type of flooring makes it easy for you to select and set other furniture.
How to install epoxy flooring?
Installing epoxy flooring is a specialized task. To install this flooring requires a great company that has many years of successful experience in this field. Because before using epoxy paint, the ground must be thoroughly cleaned of all solvents, greases, oils and other residual materials. In addition, to get the epoxy flooring installed properly, you need specialized equipment and cleaning materials that can cost you a lot, if you want to do the epoxy flooring yourself.
However, keep in mind that in order for the epoxy to properly seal and create a smooth surface, you need to rent a concrete grinding machine. This not only increases your cost, but it is very risky and the result is often unsatisfactory. So don’t bother yourself. Depute Epoxy flooring to the most experienced and successful Sydney Company and you will surely be pleased with the result. One thing to note: Installing epoxy flooring in the garage requires special considerations

How long does it take to install an epoxy garage floor?
Generally, it takes one to two days for the garage floor epoxy to be installed. But if we need infrastructure before epoxy is installed. Our contractors start by making the necessary repairs, lifting stains and grinding your concrete diamond. This is the part that takes the longest. Once the surface is ready, your epoxy will be installed.

Check out some reasons you should use epoxy floor coatings to determine if this is the right choice for your space.

How soon can you walk on an epoxy floor?
After applying the final coating, it takes at least 18-24 hours before you can walk on the epoxy flooring. It is best to wait at least 24 hours and then walk on it. But if you plan to park your vehicle on it, it is best to wait for 72 hours.

Can an Epoxy Floor Finish Be Recoated?
Yes, of course, epoxy flooring can be repaired. Chips and floor holes can be repaired. If you are using fresh mortar, at least 60 days will require repairs to reuse epoxy flooring. But if you use an epoxy patch, the treatment can take several days. So yes don’t worry Epoxy flooring also competes with other flooring in this regard.

Do you want to compare epoxy flooring with other types of flooring?
We already talked about the advantages of epoxy flooring.

You might like to know what the difference between Epoxy flooring and other types of flooring. We want to tell you these differences. And you can then make your final decision on what flooring might be right for you

Are you ready to know about other flooring?
1) Tile flooring
Tile flooring is available in various types such as ceramic or stone. One of the most important differences with epoxy floor tiles is that if a large object is poured on them, the tiles break easily. And another concern is that it is regularly cleaned to prevent staining.

1) Wooden flooring
Wooden flooring will be damaged in the event of any water seepage and hence stagnant pools of water should not be allowed.

I think this is enough to know in which cases the wood flooring cannot compete with the epoxy flooring.

Wooden floor’s finish is susceptible to scratching from heavy traffic, high heeled foot wears or pet nails.