One year on

Andrew Lee (suit)

Wormald CEO, Andrew Lee

We recently passed our first anniversary as an independent business when Wormald returned to local management. During this time, we have invested in our people, processes and customer experience which has resulted in a renewed focus on compliance, flexibility and excellence in service delivery.

Wormald CEO, Andrew Lee, provides an update on Wormald following a year of transition.

What have been the major achievements over the last year?

With people at the core of what we do, the last year has seen us bring experienced people back into the business, from senior management to administration and support functions. We were also pleased to open new offices in regional centres, most recently in the Gold Coast, providing a base for local staff and customers.

The business also made good progress with the team delivering a number of large construction projects, and securing major national and regional contracts for the service and maintenance of fire protection systems.

What challenges and opportunities have you encountered in transitioning back to local management

Returning to local management has allowed Wormald to move a lot faster and more flexibly to meet the needs of our customers and staff. Essential business services, such as financial and legal functions, have been re-established locally and unnecessary reporting, meetings and approvals have been reduced. This has allowed the Wormald team to focus on activities that add value to our customers.

What do you think has been the key to success in the last year?

Our senior management team has taken time to get to know the business.  They have travelled extensively around Australia visiting state and regional offices where they’ve spent time listening and talking to staff and customers. We’ve heard inspiring stories about Wormald’s incredible history and it is evident that there is a lot of passion and engagement in Wormald’s next chapter of growth and renewal.

As part of our ongoing commitment to building the culture that Wormald is celebrated for, we have re-launched the 25+ Club in late 2016 with functions across Australia. This program recognises the commitment, dedication and passion of the staff who have been with the business for more than 25 years.

What is the biggest challenge facing the fire protection industry?

The year ahead for the fire protection industry will be characterised by incremental developments, rather than monumental change. Training and qualification requirements will continue to increase, cost pressures will remain, and awareness of environmental issues will rise.

 What is the biggest challenge facing your customers in relation to fire safety? How is Wormald positioned to help them address this?

While it varies by industry and risk profile, the commercial sector still faces challenges with customer service and delivery of fire protection systems and maintenance. Compliance, clear communication, streamlined issues resolution and having reliable partners remain their top priorities.

To help our customers address these challenges, Wormald will be investing in technology enhancements that will deliver improvements in service delivery and communication. These new technologies will reduce the amount of paperwork that is handled and improve customers’ visibility over maintenance of fire protection systems.

What big changes can the fire protection industry expect in the year ahead?

Facility managers and building owners are expecting better data, more proactivity and smarter ways to protect their assets and people. Suppliers must move quickly and deliver innovative solutions to provide more value. While this may be a challenge for the heavily-regulated fire protection industry, Wormald is well-placed to meet these evolving needs.

With our business’ national scale and strong local footprint, we have the flexibility to deliver new solutions, technologies and approaches to market. The company’s size, brand equity and expertise means that Wormald is able to quickly respond to the evolving needs of our local market while adapting the latest industry-leading technology from around the world for the Australian market.

How are you future proofing the Wormald business?

Wormald has an incredible history of firsts in the Australian market, including introducing the automatic sprinkler and fire monitoring, developing early maintenance standards, and helping to found the Fire Protection Association of Australia. Wormald continues to future-proof its business by investing in its people, products and service delivery and the work we do today is setting the scene for more future firsts and expansion. We are excited and engaged in the opportunities during this next chapter of renewal and growth.

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