Wormald reaffirms its commitment to sustainable fire suppression


In light of the recent announcement that the Queensland Government has restricted the use of firefighting foams containing PFOA, Wormald has re-affirmed its commitment to providing fire suppression solutions that limit impacts on the environment.

The use of firefighting foams remains an important element of effectively suppressing a fire quickly to help reduce substantial and lasting damage to the environment, people and property. However, Wormald recognises that the use of firefighting foams has impacts on the environment if not properly controlled and that there needs to be a balance between dealing with a fire event effectively using firefighting foams and what impacts to the environment the use of firefighting foams will create.

Wormald’s current firefighting foam concentrate is ANSUL ICAO B 6% AFFF*, which is used nationally. It contains no PFOS and where tested has recorded results of up to approximately 0.74 parts per million of PFOA**. This is well below the new Queensland requirements for foams that use 6 parts per million of PFOA or less***.

Wormald is also reviewing alternative non-persistent firefighting foams to enable customers to migrate to more sustainable firefighting foam. These foams will also align with the outcomes sought by the Queensland Government Policy.

While the new legislation in Queensland poses a number of challenges to the fire protection industry and its customers, Wormald is committed to helping customers comply with the requirements of the new Operational Policy on Fire Fighting Foams laid out by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection. Full compliance is required as soon as practicable, and by no later than 6 July 2019.

For more information on the new legislation in Queensland and how this will affect your business, visit https://www.wormald.com.au/environmental-management-fire-fighting-foam

* Supplied to Wormald by Tyco Fire Protection Products (TFPP)
** As advised by TFPP. The highest recorded level of PFOA was 0.74 parts per million, based on a sampling performed on their product manufactured since 2013.
*** As per the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection Operational Policy definition of C6 Purity Compliant. For a firefighting foam to qualify as “C6 Purity compliant” under the operational policy, the firefighting foam must not have greater than 50 ppm of total impurities in the concentrate for any compounds where the perfluorinated part of the carbon chain is longer than 6 carbon atoms, and 0.74ppm falls well within this measurement.

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