Wormald congratulates winner of the Barry Lee Technical Excellence Award

Wormald, Fire Protection Industry Association of Australia, Fire Protection Industry Awards, Andrew Mierzwa

Scott Williams (FPA Australia CEO); Barry Lee and Andrew Lee (Wormald CEO) pictured with winner of the Barry Lee Technical Excellence Award, Andre Mierzwa (supplied by the FPA Australia)

Wormald was proud to sponsor the Barry Lee Technical Excellence Award at the inaugural 2016 Fire Protection Industry Awards, given its 125-year history in providing fire protection solutions for some of Australia’s most iconic industries and infrastructure.

The team at Wormald is pleased to congratulate the winner of the Award, Andre Mierzwa. Andre is the Operations Chief Engineer at global insurance underwriter, FM Global. He has made important contributions to technical standards in Australia’s fire protection industry, most recently to Australian Standard AS2118.1-2016 Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems. He is an industry leader with more than four decades of experience across Australia, Europe, Asia and the USA.

The Awards were hosted by the Fire Protection Association of Australia at Sydney’s Doltone House on 3rd November to recognise and honour the founding values of the association and excellence across a range of areas within the fire protection industry.

The Barry Lee Technical Excellence Award recognises outstanding technical contribution to the fire protection industry. The Award honours the tremendous work Barry Lee has achieved over more than 50 years in the industry.

We would also like to congratulate our own technical experts, David Burgess and Rodney Rolf, who were nominated as finalists for the Award.

The Wormald senior executive team attended the gala dinner, which was a resounding success and an important step towards recognising professionalism in the industry. We look forward to this event becoming a pivotal date on the fire protection industry calendar.

Pictured: FPA Australia CEO Scott Williams, Barry Lee, Andre Mierzwa (Winner- Barry Lee Technical Excellence Award) and Andrew Lee, CEO of Wormald (supplied by the FPA Australia)

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