Managing the transition to AS1851-2012: the benefits of a national fire protection provider

Wormald maintenanceAs Wormald urges national businesses to adopt Australian Standard AS1851-2012 as a standard operating procedure across all operations, facility managers and building owners are faced with the challenge of evaluating how their fire protection systems are being maintained and serviced.

While implementing a nationally consistent approach can help to deliver efficiency and cost savings, the transition may initially be overwhelming as new systems for fire safety audits, the categorisation of fire safety defects, record-keeping and reporting are introduced.

With so much to consider, it is important not to cut corners. AS1851-2012 lays out strict compliance requirements to ensure fire protection equipment is in proper working order when it’s needed most. Appointing a reputable fire protection provider can assist with developing, implementing and maintaining a comprehensive program to address the most stringent needs. 

When selecting a fire protection provider, it’s important to consider how your account will be managed at a national level. A fire protection provider with a national footprint can take the stress out of liaising with multiple parties and streamline the transition for consistency in every state. These synergies across state and territory borders also deliver greater efficiency.

Wormald offers key account management for national businesses, which means you deal with just one person. This centralises the management of fire protection maintenance. We also believe in personalised service; customers can expect face-to-face visits and to have a direct line of contact to their account manager.

Another benefit of using a national provider, such as Wormald, is having a local presence backed by a national brand. Technicians know and understand the local business environment, but can rely on the backing of a national systems for efficient administration and IT support.

For more information on how Wormald can help streamline fire safety maintenance across national operations, call 133 166 or contact us here.

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