Christine Cotton nominated for Women in Industry Awards

Christine CottonBy Andy Ellis, President Tyco Integrated Fire & Security

We are delighted to hear that Christine Cotton, Regional General Manager for Tyco Fire & Security in Western Australia, has been short-listed for the Women in Industry’s Mentor of the Year Award.

As a member of Tyco’s Senior Leadership Team, Christine has championed the career development of female employees at Tyco for many years and her recognition as a finalist in the Women in Industry Awards is a wonderful achievement.

Christine is Australia’s regional lead for Tyco’s Women’s Growth Network (WGN), a global business initiative that advocates for the value, growth and advancement of women within our organisation.  She has worked tirelessly to ensure our high potential females of the future have access to mentoring and leadership programs and is renowned for helping her mentees recognise their full potential by encouraging them to step outside their comfort zone.

In the male dominated industries of fire and security, Tyco is proud to have a strong and dedicated female workforce.  Our organisation is committed to providing diverse and dynamic career opportunities regardless of gender and we believe that embracing a culture that encourages collaboration between men and women results in greater business innovation.

As Christine marks 25 years at Tyco this year, her peer nomination for the Women in Industry’s Mentor of the Year Award is well deserved.

Congratulations Christine.

1 thought on “Christine Cotton nominated for Women in Industry Awards

  1. Well Done Christine , good luck with the award , although I would be certain you have not done this for the award but as part of your passion to develop women within our industry – well done

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