VIGILANT celebrates its centenary year: 1914 – 2014

By Patrick Conway, Director at Tyco Fire Protection Products

VIGILANT_GEN6-colour-group (2)

This year marks a major milestone for the VIGILANT fire detection brand, as it celebrates 100 years since it introduced its first automatic fire alarm and detection product in August 1914.  Vigilant and its non-proprietary range of fire detection products, is part of Tyco, the largest pure-play fire protection and security company.

The Vigilant Automatic Fire Alarm Company Ltd (Vigilant) was established in New Zealand when Matthew Maloney registered the patented VIGILANT Thermostat Fire Detector. Over the ensuing decades it has built an impressive reputation for assisting people to save lives in Australia and New Zealand, particularly during the early years when there was great ambivalence towards the value of fire protection.

Renowned for its dedication to research and development (the company has a dedicated R&D facility located in Christchurch, New Zealand focused on the offerings), Vigilant has been responsible for introducing many fire industry innovations to Australia and New Zealand in the past 100 years, including the recent VIGILANT MX1 Detection and Alarm Panel.

The VIGILANT MX1 transcends new generation technology with smart PC inter-connection and Internet Protocol (IP) communications for virtual connectivity.  In addition, Vigilant will be introducing a new range of Generation 6 Detectors that feature highly sophisticated built-in infrared technology.  These detectors have the ability to allow for remote programming capabilities, resulting in a safer, quicker and easier installation process.  The new Generation 6 Detectors are attractive multi-coloured detectors, available in a stylish suite of pantone shades to allow architects and designers to integrate fire protection seamlessly into any project’s colour scheme.

We are extremely proud of the VIGILANT heritage. This brand and the company not only deliver innovation on a global scale, but have also been instrumental in setting the scene for enhanced fire codes across Australia and New Zealand, to help keeping people and property safe from the devastating effects of fire.  The VIGILANT brand has evolved so much over the last 100 years and we are very excited about advancing towards our next centenary.

The Vigilant R&D and manufacturing centre in Christchurch, New Zealand harnesses its in-depth expertise to develop world leading fire protection products. In 1989, Vigilant became part of Tyco, the world’s leading fire and security company, where the VIGILANT brand continues to be at the forefront of innovation. For further information about VIGILANT fire detection products, call 1300 725 688 (In Australia) or +64 9 635 0760 (In New Zealand) or visit

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