Wormald boosts customer service with new online portal

By John Lynch, General Manager Business services, Wormald

WormaldConnect_LaptopWormald has announced the launch of ‘Wormald Connect’, a web-based portal designed to help customers keep on top of vital fire protection servicing and maintenance.

Wormald Connect gives customers 24 hour access to fire service calls and inspections data. It allows customers to review servicing schedules and data online at any time. Data can be stored on the portal for analysis or easily exported via an internet connection to enable further analysis or record keeping. If required, inspection summaries can be filtered to suit a customer’s individual needs.

As the Wormald Connect service is entirely web based, there is no requirement for customers to invest in software interfaces or hardware technology. Each customer is provided with a unique user name and password so they can easily and securely access their fire inspection information online.

The portal ensures customers are kept up-to-date on the servicing procedures being undertaking. They can closely monitor their site’s fires safety products and systems and identify if there are any outstanding issues. This facilitates more effective communication with the Wormald team.

Wormald is convenient and easy-to-use, and is ideal for businesses of any size, whether a single building or multiple sites and systems across Australia or New Zealand.

For more information on Wormald Connect in Australia, visit www.wormald.com.au/wormaldconnect or watch the video from Wormald New Zealand:


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