Show your support for the Fire Foundation’s Wise up Week

In addition to providing fire prevention and detection solutions, it is also Wormald’s responsibility to educate Australian communities about the dangers of fire and to support those affected by fire.

Fire Foundation Wise up WeekWormald is a supporter of the Fire Foundation, Australia’s only national charity dedicated to supporting fire and burns victims.

From 21st – 27th October, the Fire Foundation will run ‘Wise up Week’, an initiative aimed at raising awareness of the importance of being fire safe. Wise up Week will also raise much needed funds to help the dedicated Fire Foundation team continue to support fire victims with accommodation, emergency funds and basic essentials when it’s needed most.

How can you show your support Wise up Week?

Wear something orange every day for the week, organise an event to raise funds for the Fire Foundation, donate money to the campaign via the Fire Foundation website or purchase a Wise Up merchandise pack.

For more information on the Fire Foundation and Wise up Week, visit the Fire Foundation website.

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